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Save Time. Save Money.

Hate reading contracts? Now, thanks to AI, you never have to read a contract again. At 24/7 Counsel, we use artificial intelligence and case law to help you understand your rights as an employee, renter, or contractor.

Try 24/7 Counsel for free today and leverage AI to assist you with everything from business documents to estate planning.

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Claim Back Car WarrantiesTired of decoding your car's warranty hieroglyphics? Cruise into our "Claim Back Vehicle Warranties" hub, where AI becomes your warranty whisperer! Let our AI superhero sift through the warranty labyrinth, ensuring you don't miss out on any perks for your four-wheeled friend. Your car deserves the best, and so do you. Skip the warranty confusion, embrace the AI solution, and let your vehicle ride the waves of warranty bliss!
Know Your Tenant RightsYour rental agreement shouldn't feel like a cryptic manuscript. Our AI decodes landlord-ese, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate rental waters smoothly. From neighbor noise to eviction nuances, our AI has your back. Turn renting stress into renting success, one well-informed tenant at a time. Let the AI be your renting compass, guiding you to a drama-free living space!t
Employee ContractsJob jargon shouldn't be a language barrier. Our AI translates the legalese, giving you the lowdown on benefits, duties, and that elusive fine print. Consider it your career cheat code, ensuring you're not just an employee but an empowered one. Let AI tackle the contracts, so you can focus on the important decisions – like whether to pick coffee or tea during the morning break. Your career clarity starts here!

Get Answers 24/7.

Powered by ChatGPT-4 and proprietary machine learning algorithms, 24/7 Counsel is dedicated to helping you understand the law while saving you both time and money. Simply upload a document, and our AI Counsel will automatically summarize the contents, highlighting any concerns for your attention.

Our platform also enables you to invite other users to your chat, facilitating collaborative research on the work you've already done. Research. Collaborate. Learn. Repeat.


As an entrepreneur dealing with overseas factories and retail orders, going through contracts is very time-consuming and costly. 24/7 Counsel has allowed me to focus on my business and has saved me money.Dominique JohnsonEntrepreneur
For $15 per month, this service is a no-brainer. I just saved hundreds, if not thousands, in legal fees by having 24/7 go through my contract questions. The simple and elegant design is just the cherry on top!Fletcher MartinCreative Director
I’ve used ChatGPT to help with drafting contracts before but when I have to review contracts for my talent, there was no simple solution. 24/7 Counsel has helped me tremendously with its AI capabilities and ease of use.Corey SmithTalent Manager
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  • Send 10 messages every month
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  • Max file size 30Mb or 50 pages
  • Standard response speeds
  • Collaborate with other users
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  • Send 3,000 messages
  • Upload 50 attachments
  • Max file size 100Mb or 500 pages
  • Faster response speeds
  • Collaborate with other users
Counsel Pro*$ 25 / mo
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Upload 200 attachments
  • Max file size 200Mb or 1000 pages
  • Faster response speeds
  • Collaborate with other users
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